E-ISSN 2707-0603 | ISSN 1999-6527

Peer-Review Policy:

When authors submit their Manuscripts to the journal, it is assessed by the Editorial Board. If an editor is part of the author list or has any competing interests related to a specific manuscript, other members of the Editorial Board oversee the peer review process. Suitable submissions are sent to independent experts identified by the Editorial Board for review. Editors base their decisions on the reviewers’ reports, and authors receive these reports along with the editorial decision on their manuscript.


 It is not allowed for the editorial board and reviewer to use any data and information listed in the unpublished manuscript for their scientific research. All Information about the submitted manuscript and information associated with submitted papers must not be shared with any person except the corresponding author, reviewers and managing editor.

Alterations to Authorship:

Any changes to authors or contributors after initial submission require approval from all authors. This includes additions, deletions, changes in author order, or attributing contributions differently. The editor must be informed of any alterations, and authors or contributors may be contacted to confirm their agreement.

Post-Publication Corrections and Retractions:

•       Corrections: Al-Anbar Journal of Veterinary Sciences recognizes that errors may occur despite the efforts of editors and authors. There is no specific time limit for reporting errors or posting corrections. The journal strives to contact the original article’s author unless the error is glaringly obvious. Corrected versions are promptly published on the website.

•       Retractions: Journal editors consider retractions in cases of unreliable data, plagiarism, duplicate publication, and unethical research. If an article is under investigation, an expression of concern notice may be issued. A replacement version of the article, containing only metadata, is posted with a retraction note replacing the original text. The PDF may be replaced with a watermarked “Retracted” version.

Appeals and Complaints: 

Authors seeking to appeal a rejection or make a complaint should initially contact the Managing Editor, who will provide details of the journal’s complaints procedure.