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Editorial & Peer Review Process

Editorial & Peer Review Process

The editorial board, firstly will check similarities using iThenticate and evaluate the scientific strength of the paper, scientific validity, novelty, and originality of the study content and give a primary decision before sending it to reviewers. In the second step, editors select typically two specialists and qualifier reviewers for each paper, experts in the topic (Double-blind peer-review)

Publication decisions:  The publication of the scientific manuscripts submitted to the Al-Anbar Journal of Veterinary Sciences is decided by the editorial board and reviewer team. The decision depends entirely upon the validation of the work (scientific value, ethical criteria of work, language, citation, plagiarism and copyright violations), therefore the following conditions must be included in the manuscript

Originality:  Only original research and content will be considered for publication.  Authors must disclose any prior submissions or publications related to the manuscript.

 Authorship and Affiliations: Authors must accurately disclose their contributions and affiliation and all co-authors must approve the final manuscript for submission.

Ethical Considerations: All research involving human subjects or animals must adhere to ethical guidelines and have appropriate approvals. Plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification of data are strictly prohibited. Authors must follow responsible data-sharing and management practices.

Statistical Analysis and Reporting: Statistical methods must be appropriate and rigorously applied. All statistical results and interpretations must clearly be presented and supported by the data.

Formatting and Style: Manuscripts must adhere to specific formatting and style guidelines outlined by the journal. References must be completely accurate and updated.

Consequences of Non-Compliance: Violations of these policies may result in rejection of the manuscript, retraction of published content, or other disciplinary actions.